Thinking Outside of the Box

Raw milk is drawing crowds far away to farms across Wisconsin. Not many farms carry raw milk, but it is a much desired product.
Unpasteurized milk is considered illegal by regulators because it can carry pathogens that can make someone ill or kill them. However, they also believe that it is legal to provide raw milk to the public on a limited scale.
The product is wanted by people who are trying, or have entirely, eliminate process foods from their diets. The raw milk business is a great revenue because people are always looking for an alternative to what is sold in grocery stores.
Linda Conroy, owner of a Sheboygan herbs business, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that raw milk has given her more energy.
“I have never been sick from it,” she said. “In fact, just the opposite is true. My health is a lot better.”
The only problem is that according to Wisconsin state law, farmers cannot sell or give away raw milk. They can however consume milk from the cows they own. To please the public, farmers often sell shares in their cows to would-be customers and provide raw milk to shareholders for a small fee.
Raw milk is just one of many organic options people are turning to. People want to know where their milk is coming from and that is partly why they consume the milk directly from the organic cows.
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