PGE Wind Farm Complete

Photo courtesy of PGE
Oregon’s wind farms are not only growing in number, but size as well.
Portland General Electric Company completed the final phase their 450-Megawatts, 25,000 acre wind farm located in northern Oregon.
The project, totaling $1 billion, was constructed in three phases. The first phase, completed nearly three years ago, included 76 Vestas wind turbines and generated 125 Megawatts of power. 65 Siemens wind turbines were added as a second phase to create 150 Megawatts last summer. The current phase added 76 Siemens wind turbines for 175 more Megawatts of power.
This is just one of the many projects underway to help Oregon meet its renewable energy target of 25% by 2025. The PGE farm will account for 9 percent of the company’s total retail at the closing of 2010. Power agreements for PGE include Biglow Canyon and other previously set agreements.
Shepherd’s Flat, an 845-Megawatt farm, is also under construction. The largest wind farm in Oregon, and the United States, should be completed by 2012.
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