Wheat Crops Low in Protein

Farmers in North Dakota are enjoying the numbers of crops in the hopper but not the outcome of the crops.
Steve Hepper of Hubbard Feeds in Bismarck told KXN, “A lot of grain coming in receiving 13 and 12 protein wheat when go from 14 to 13 protein the range can be from 60-90 cents down… if getting 13 protein it’s a 90 cent discount at some elevators.”
Wheat in that range is worth $4.70 a bushel and these discounts have a huge impact on what farmers get paid for their crops. Hepper adds that farmers can get more for the crops if they hold on to wheat until after the harvest. “If look at futures – spreads between 20-30 cent spread from September to December – that tells us later down the road when need the wheat higher price..”
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