Top Five Concerns for Nebraska Farmers in 2009

The Nebraska Farm Bureau has released a list of the top five agricultural problems for Nebraska farmers in 2009.
It is not a surprise to many that the number one concern for producers in 2009 was the livestock industry. With such epidemics as the H1N1 virus, many people were apprehensive to buy pork. There was also a strong decline in exports overseas. Farm Bureau President Keith Olsen said, “The year 2009 was a year most livestock farmers would like to forget.”
The second biggest concern was a late harvest. The harvest was comparable to the slowest harvest ever recorded in 1972. The high moisture level in the soil was to blame.
Water problems and developments with the Republican River compliance, The Lower Platte Basin and integrated management plans also greatly affected producers in 2009. “Agriculture has a lot of issues related to water that are being dealt with,” Olsen said.
Another problem in 2009 was the increase of interest in animal cruelty and production tools. Many bans and plans for laws put a strain on many producers. This includes animal tagging and the treatment of livestock animals.
Finally the use of commodity check-off funds influenced the industry by helping balance the state’s deficient.
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