Missouri Increases Acreage

According to the Prospective Plantings report released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Missouri will lead America in the highest increase of the percentage of corn acreages.
The total 3.05 million acres of corn will surpass last year’s 2.8 million acres by 9 percent. Overall the country has decreased by 1 percent with a total of 85 million acres of corn.
The statistics were gathered after surveying 86,000 farms by mail, Internet, phone and interviews.
Economists assure consumers this is a good thing because prices will not increase as much as they have in the past. The numbers come as a shock to some because experts were expecting to see a higher decrease across the nation.
The low-end estimates, as low as 81.4 million, were made based on rising costs of supplies and that the need for soybeans increased.
While Missouri leads in corn increase, it also leads in the biggest decrease in acres for soybeans. The soybean acreage has decreased by 150,000 acres, and South Dakota is not far behind on that list.
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