Missouri House Passes Bill

A new bill has passed in Missouri’s house giving Missouri dairy farmers a tax break. The only problem is some lawmakers do not understand why all agricultural producers do not get the same deal.
The bill will allow each dairy cow farmer to claim an annual state tax credit up to $25,000 based on production and the price of milk.
The measure was passed on a 110-41 vote that will now move on to Senate. The bill was debated here without reaching a vote. If it is like any other tax credits that have run into resistance this year from senators.
The dairy industry is said to be in peril because milk prices are low and production costs have increased. Without tax cuts many feel that the industry could collapse and jobs could be lost.
Rep. Dan Brown, R-Rolla, said the tax credit is like a lifeline that could help dairy farmers survive the current poor economic conditions.
Opposing leaders feel that the bill favors dairy farmers.
“We need to start taking care of all segments of agriculture,” said Rep. Tom Loehner, R-Koeltztown. “We cannot continue to go one piece at a time.”
Leaders assure it is not against beef, swine or sheep.
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