Missouri Farms Exempt From Rules

The Missouri Department of Agriculture is asking the Missouri Department of Transportation to waive regulations to help farmers complete harvests quicker.
Farmers are behind harvesting following days of heavy rain. With increased costs and farmers’ fears, the rain is putting a heavy stress on farmers to complete harvests.
The failure to complete harvests could cost farmers millions of dollars.
The Department of Agriculture is asking farmers to be exempt from:
**Loaded, gross weight can be no greater than 10 percent above the gross vehicle weight rating of the vehicle licensed weight.
** Limit transport of row crop commodities from the farm to a local storage facility and empty return trips to the farm.
** When crossing a bridge, the drive must restrict the vehicle speed to no more than 45 miles per hour and must center the truck between two lanes of the bridge.
**Travel on highways other than Missouri interstate highways – no interstate travel will be permitted. **While transporting row crops from farm to storage, farmers are not required to abide by hours-of-service laws.
** Must carry a copy of the emergency declaration in each vehicle that operates in response to relief efforts.
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