Pilot Program to Diversify Minnesota Crops

Minnesota commercial fruit and vegetable producers may be eligible for a pilot USDA program. This program is designed to give farmers more planting flexibility.
Farmers only in Minnesota and six other specified states can use this program base for cucumbers, green peas, lima beans, pumpkins, snap beans, sweet corn and potatoes according to a press release from the USDA. The crops must be under contract for processing.
The press release said, “Under the pilot program, eligible growers will be allowed to convert their base acreage to these specialty crops on a temporary basis without permanent recalculation of their base acres.” 34,000 acres in Minnesota are covered under this program.
Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Gene Hugoson said the program will allow diversity in crops among Minnesota farmers.
“Under this program, producers will be able to grow crops for new or different markets without risking the loss of their base acres,” said Hugoson. “It will also give vegetable processors access to more Minnesota grown crops, which is great for the health of our residents as well as our economy.”
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