Farmers Fear Drought

Minnesota farmers are worried that the start of the summer suggests a season of drought.
When comparing numbers, this May was the third driest May ever. Land in the east metro and central Minnesota is more dry than ever.
Farmers are worried because the wetlands look like dry land and the fields are dust-dry. All of these signs will worsen as they wait for rain.
“We have two droughts going on. One is a short-term one that’s fromt his year. Another one we’ve had that we were never able to get rid of in 2008,” State Assistant Climatologist Pete Boulay told
With the horrific rain just one storm over, this news may come as a shock to some. Terrential rainfall caused flooding in North Dakota and parts of western Minnesota during the spring that killed entire crops and put a heavy delay on planting. Most of the Midwest has experienced similar, but less damaging, weather.
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