White House Opposes Farm Bill

The White House recently released a statement condemning the farm bill currently working its way through the House of Representatives, criticizing the cuts made to nutritional subsidies and its overall lack of focus on renewable energy.
Since its defeat last year, the farm bill has been in a state of congressional limbo for most of this legislative session. While Representatives and Senators are making public pledges to shepherd the bill through Congress, partisan divisions in Washington are already threatening to undermine the bill before it even makes it out of committee.
Already, the radically different House and Senate bills are threatening to derail the bill’s passage. The Senate version, while still trimming billions of dollars in spending, seeks to limit cuts to nutritional programs as much as possible. In the House, however, programs like food stamps have been first on the chopping block as deficit-hawks look to trim spending by cutting social welfare programs.
Even if these two bills could be reconciled, it appears that the White House may prevent the bill’s passage. A recent statement by the White House Office of Management and Budget signaled that the president is deeply troubled by the farm bill currently being debated in the House.
“The bill would reduce access to food assistance for struggling families and their children,” the White House states,” does not contain sufficient commodity and crop insurance reforms, and does not provide funding for renewable energy, which is an important source of jobs and economic growth in rural communities across the country.”
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer