Wheat and Corn Ahead of Schedule

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that corn, wheat and cotton crops are ahead of schedule for this planting season.
According to reports obtain from farmers across the country, 50 percent of the corn crops are seeded compared to the 19 percent in early April. On average 22 percent of corn crops are planted at the end of April annually. Seven percent of the plants have already emerged from the ground as well. The numbers show the fastest pace of crop planted on record.
Sorghum is also ahead of schedule with 25 percent of the seeding complete compared to early April’s 23 percent. Oats is 75 percent compared to the 60 percent annual average as well.
Cotton growers are ahead of the expected schedule with 16 percent of crops planted, although this is below the average 18 percent.
On average spring wheat producers have 27 percent of the seeding complete, but so far this year 43 percent is planted.
Wheat, cotton and corn are some of the biggest crops in the country. Corn crops brought in $48.6 billion in 2009, the largest crop of the 2009 harvest.
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