Wastewater Extends Growing Season in Oregon

Oregon producers are turning to waste water to add nutrients and value to soil. Sludge from waste water plants is added after harvest to enhance soil.
The practice is over 15-years-old, but twice as many farmers are using the practice today. Not only does the sludge improve soil quality, but it is also an organic practice.
After adding sludge to the soil, the soil can hold water farther into the summer. As a result the growing season will extend further into the summer.
One problem with this practice is it is never a guarantee. During the rainy season or if there is excessive rain, the sludge cannot be used due to potentially dangerous run-off.
Sludge is applied with application machinery that lays 120 pounds per acre three or four times daily. This process is part of a program encouraged by the Department of Environmental Quality. To take part in the program you must obtain a permit that requires you meet set health standards.
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Written by: Melissa Warner / Farm Plus Staff Writer