Vilsack Visits Arkansas

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack recently visited the University of Arkansas as part of the Dale and Betty Bumpers Distinguished Lecture Series. While speaking of the needs of the farm community, Vilsack’s visit was protested by a group of local environmentalists upset over the proposed construction of local hog farms.
During his talk, Vilsack reiterated a constant theme emanating from the US Department of Agriculture. He told his audience of the importance of the farm community and American agricultural production and emphasized the need for continued assistance to American farmers.
“I represented farmers … They are an underrepresented, unappreciated group in America,” Vilsack said. “Because of them we as a country are able to feed ourselves … Don’t take that for granted.”
In addition to his audience, Vilsack was met by protestors upset over the potential construction of 670-acre hog farm in Northern Arkansas, a farm whose waste could seriously damage local waterways.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer