Vilsack Talks Census

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack recently reminded American farmers to make sure to fill out the agricultural census.

Like its federal counterpart, the farm census occupies a unique place in the U.S. Unlike previous censuses, the 2012 version will have new questions on horses, forestry, and regional production. “Once we get input from different groups on things they would like to see on the questionnaire, we design a questionnaire, we run out and content test it with farmers and ranchers to see how the questions play out, then we get the questionnaire finalized,” says Renee Picanso of the National Agricultural Statistics Service in a USDA interview.

In a recent address to American farmers, Vilsack stressed the importance of the agricultural census and urged farmers to fill out and submit the forms. “It’s important for farmers and ranchers in America today to stand up and be counted by participating in the Census of Agriculture,” said Vilsack. “By participating in this survey, producers help provide a snapshot of the current state of agriculture in our country, which helps policymakers make better decisions about farm safety net programs and policies.”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer