Veterans Finding Ag Jobs

In the midst of high unemployment and a struggling economy, some veterans are turning to agricultural jobs to make ends meet. With a national economy in the midst of a major downturn, unemployment has remained stubbornly high. Current unemployment estimates are about 9.7 percent nationally. Hidden within these national figures is a staggeringly high unemployment rate for military veterans, currently almost 14 percent.
In an effort to combat these figures, some veteran advocacy groups have collaborated with agricultural interest groups. The Farmer-Veteran Coalition is one of the largest of these partnerships. Headquartered in California, the Farmer-Veteran Coalition recently joined with local Ag groups to sponsor tours of Iowa farms for returning veterans.
The immediate goals of the coalition are to help 1,000 veterans start agricultural careers by the end of next year.
The founder of the coalition, Michael O’Gorman, says that farming is a natural fit for veterans familiar with a military culture. Both professions value physical strength, stamina, and discipline.
In addition, veterans, who are used to concrete tasks with discernible results, might be better suited to agricultural jobs, where the entire industry revolves around the production and harvesting of tangible results.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer