USDA's Million-Dollar Boost to Fight Pest

The United States Department of Agriculture is working to fight the destructive European Grapevine Moth that is causing problems in vineyards across California.
In May six moths were found in different vineyards across the Valley. The United States Department of Agriculture is giving growers a million-dollar boost to fight the pest.
7,000 traps are set in Fresno County and new pests have not been found. The money is used for pesticides to fight the pest that is no bigger than the size of a dime. Although it is tiny, the pest causes dramatic problems.
NRCA State Conservationalist Ed Burton said, “We estimate the cost to this about 208-dollars an acre to interrupt these next two flights, depending on what they’re using so we’re offering 104-dollars an acre if they put a conservation plan together.”
93-square miles sit under quarantine to contain the invasive pest from spreading to other areas of California.
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