USDA Seeks Board of Directors for Sheep Center

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The United States Department of Agriculture is looking for candidates to join the new National Sheep Industry Improvement Center.
The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service started the Sheep Center to improve competition in the U.S. sheep and goat industries. The regulations will begin September 21.
A board of directors is needed to oversee the operations of the Sheep Center. The nine member board will include four sheep or goat producers, two members with finance and management expertise and one with marketing expertise. Two members will be non-voting while seven will vote.
The non-voting seats are chosen by the USDA’S Under Secretary of Rural Development and the USDA’s Under Secretary for Research, Education and Economics.
Overall the Sheep Center will offer producers $1 million in grants for sheep and goat producers to improve their infrastructure.
Candidates for the board of directors must be submitted through eligible national organizations relevant to the sheep and goat industry.
For more information contact Kenneth R. Payne, Chief Marketing Programs at or 202-720-1115.
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