USDA Seeks Applicants

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development agency is seeking candidates for projects promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Those looking to make energy efficient improvements to businesses (small businesses- including farms and ranches) or add renewable energy to their business should apply for money from the USDA Rural Development agency’s ‘Rural Energy for America’ program. Money is available for these changes. Up to 25 percent of a project may be funded by the USDA Rural Development program and companies can be awards up to $250,000 for energy efficiency improvements or $500,000 for the addition of renewable energy.
The USDA Rural Development agency is looking for solar, geothermal and biomass projects.
“Most rural projects that reduce energy use and result in savings for the small business or agricultural producer are eligible as energy efficiency projects,” said USDA Rural Development spokesperson Harold Alford via press release.
For more information contact your local USDA Rural Development office.
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