USDA Issues Last Census Call

With only a few days left until the deadline passes, the US Department of Agriculture is urging farmers to participate in the latest agricultural census.
The census, completed every five years, is one of the most important tools for individuals in the farm sector. Congressional leaders use the information in the farm census to craft farm legislation and farm subsidies/supports. Farmers use the information in the census to help plan harvests and predict prices.
The importance of the census is reflected in its mandatory nature. Like the federal census, participation in the agricultural census is required. Farmers who refuse to fill out their census form could face fines or imprisonment.
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack recently joined in the chorus urging action on the census. “Our nation needs your help to ensure that decisions about U.S. agriculture accurately represent you, your communities and your industry,” Vilsack said. “For every 158 people in America there is one farm. I urge you to take action today and respond to the census — your country is counting on the information to help ensure a continued supply of food, fiber and fuel for generations to come.”
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer