USDA Investigates Honey Bees Problem

Honey bees numbers have been declining in recent years and the United States Department of Agriculture is taking a closer look to see why.
The United States Department of Agriculture is beginning an in-depth survey that will be conducted in 13 states to see why there is a decrease in honey bees.
Although many people see these insects as pests, honey bees are necessary for pollination of some of the most popular fruits and vegetables in the country.
One problem the United States Department of Agriculture is looking into is Colony Collapse Disorder. Other expected causes include mites and disease.
Robyn Rose of the USDA told the Washington Farm Bureau that the survey will just be the beginning of extensive research across the United States.
Rose said, “Most surveys have either focused on pesticides or on specific pests or diseases. This really is getting a much more nationwide picture and a comprehensive look at the pests and diseases.”
The survey will be based off half-cups of live bees that will be put in alcohol or a freezer and then sent to the lab for inspection.
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