USDA Introduces The Transition Incentives Program

The USDA’s Farm Service Agency introduces a new program, The Transition Incentives Program (TIP), to help retiring or retired farmers to transition their land to new or socially disadvantaged farmers.
The program offers two extra annual rental payments to those who help new and disadvantaged farmers into the agriculture industry through CRP. Producers will receive these payments after their contract expires or if they sell or lease their land to any qualifying, non-family members.
The retired and new farmer must both apply for the program in the last year of the CRP contract. The program does help farmers, but TIP is aimed to help the CRP gain land that uses sustainable grazing or crop production methods.
TIP premiered in May 2010 with $25 million from the 2008 Farm Bill. The main goal of this program is to help new farmers into the industry with the help of existing and experienced farmers who wish to leave the industry.
Contact your local FSA office to apply.
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