USDA Expanding Poverty Programs

The US Department of Agriculture recently announced that it would be expanding its programs designed to fight rural poverty and boost rural economies.
With most of the United States is still currently feeling the effects of one of the worst recessions in modern history, fighting poverty, creating jobs, and boosting struggling local economies has been a major concern. While it might not seem like the appropriate agency, the USDA has been on the forefront of the fight against poverty, providing money to strengthen the economies of struggling rural regions.
The USDA program in question is known as StrikeForce. Currently in effect in six states, StrikeForces helps struggling farmers gain access to federal development money. The programs in question are selected by mining US Census data for regions with more than 20 percent poverty rates.
The most recent statistics have extended the reach of StrikeForce into North and South Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, and North and South Dakota.
In a recent stop in South Carolina, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack praised the program and spoke of the vital role that farmers play in US society.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer