U.S. House and Senate Agriculture Committees Want Input

The House and Senate Agriculture committees are traveling the country speaking with producers and agricultural groups to help share the 2012 Farm Bill. The committees are asking Idahoans for their input on what they would to see included in the legislation.
One piece of the 2012 Farm Bill already in the works is the payment limitations for the biggest farms in the country. Charles Hassebrook, executive director of the Center for Rural Affairs said this would not be best for Idaho agriculture. He said, “We need to set up some sort of a system, where we boost the coverage and boost support for farms in the mid-range sizes, that are the ones trying to make a living from farming, but aren’t the big farms.”
Hasselbrook feels the Farm Bill will be under tight economic pressure and it is important for small and mid-sized farms to be heard. Every five years the House and Senate Agriculture committees work on a new Farm Bill to assist agriculture producers across the country.
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