University of Nebraska Commissions Farm Injury Study

The University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Public Health has recently commissioned a study investigating the nature of farm injuries. While many people may not think of it, farming is one of the most dangerous professions in the United States today. Working with animals, operating heavy machinery and sharp tools, and frequently working alone for hours on end all contribute to the high injury rates.

The University of Nebraska was awarded a $5 million federal grant to study farm injuries and collect data on farm safety. The study will examine farm injuries in Nebraska and Iowa, two major agricultural states. Nineteen Nebraskans and seventeen Iowans died last year due to farm injuries.

Major technological and safety innovations have radically improved farm safety and lowered farm injuries. Some combines, for example, will automatically shut off if the operator leaves the seat. In addition, some agricultural researchers believe there is a stronger culture of workplace safety today than there was several years ago.

Several safety measures the study will most likely look at include increased use of roll bars and cages in tractors, improved grain bin safety measures, and education on the importance of sleep and adequate rest when operating farm machinery.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer