UFW Continues Chavez’s Legacy

In celebration of the birthday of Cesar Chavez, California winemakers and representatives of the United Farm Workers gathered to honor the legacy of one of the most important labor activists of the past several decades.
Cesar Chavez would have turned 86 this Sunday. During his life he helped cofound the National Farm Workers Association (later the United Farm Workers union) and under his leadership the UFW grew to represent more than 50,000 workers. Chavez was one of the most major Mexican American civil rights activist and has become a major figure in the American labor movement.
His birthday, March 31, is a state holiday in California, Colorado, and Texas.
Chavez’s grandson recently took part in his grandfather’s admittance to the Vintner’s Hall of Fame at the Culinary Institute of America, praising his grandfather, who “only wanted everyone to appreciate the plight of the farmworkers, and that they could also enjoy the pleasures and fellowship that are created around food and wine.”
Chavez and other UFW members, however, acknowledge that their work remains unfinished. Farm workers remain some of the lowest paid members of the workforce, some labor statistics suggest, and many farm workers, particularly undocumented workers, enjoy few protections on the job.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer