Turn Your Numbers In!

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) reminds farmers it is important to turn in their annual reports of acreage to their local FSA office to assure participation in FSA programs.
“Producers must file their reports accurately and timely for all crops and land uses, including prevented and failed acreage, to ensure they receive the maximum FSA program benefits possible,” USDA FSA Administrator Jonathan Coppess said.
These numbers are needed to not only help farmers receive any subsidies or loans they are eligible for, but to keep programs running. This include the Direct and Counter-cyclical Program and other new programs introduced in the 2008 Farm Bill.
Acreage should be turned in upon final crop reporting deadline, which is different in every state. Prevented acreage has to be reported within 15 calendar days of the final planting date. Producers should contact their local FSA office with any concerns.
Late-filed provisions are possible for producers who could not turn in acreage by the required date.
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