Traditional Windmills Replaced with Solar-Powered

Photo courtesy of Fuel From the Wind
For centuries farmers have used mechanical wind mills to pump life into ranches and farms across the country. However, an increasing number of producers are converting from old windmill to solar-powered systems.
According to windmill producers, many are making the change because it’s not only more efficient, but the cost of repair is far less. With windmills one repair is followed by another until you have invested thousands of dollars into repairs. Instead of making the repairs, farmers are using the money to invest in newer systems.
Solar-powered windmills have been on the market for 20 years and their efficiency has greatly improved during this time. Solar-powered windmills run anywhere from $4,500 to $10,000 and the average repairs on a traditional windmill cost around $5,000. Producers feel the solar-powered windmills are more durable and reliable than traditional ones. Farmers can collect water for days in case the sun is not out for a day and they need to water plants or feed animals.
Though windmill styles are changing, the technology has been used for so long that it is not expected that farmers will completely remove windmills from their farms.
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