The USDA Rural Development Loans

Farmers are looking to add renewable energy to their farms to take advantage of government subsidies as well as make money off an alternative crop. Although many farmers and producers are looking to make the change, many don’t know where to start.
Some states, like Virginia, offer seminars to those wanting to make the transition. The Rural Energy for America Program offers seminars and workshops across the country sponsored by the USDA. “The bottom line of this program is basically to help them decrease their dependency on foreign fuels, increase efficiency and save money,” said Laurette Tucker, a business specialist at the USDA Rural Development office.
The USDA Rural Development office is looking for producers interested in grant-loans or guaranteed loans looking to buy or install renewable energy systems. The money from the USDA Rural Development Loans can be used for improving heating, lighting or insulation in poultry houses, converting stoves and boilers that use coal or petroleum to stoves that burn corn or wood, building a bio-diesel or ethanol facility, upgrading to energy efficient appliances, replacing grain dryers or installing solar panels, wind turbines or geothermal systems.
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