The USDA Creates new Regulations for Livestock Producers

Courtesy of Inter Islander
The United States Department of Agriculture is creating mandatory regulations for identifying livestock that move across state lines.
Though the original voluntary Livestock Identification Program was scraped in February, government officials are working with producers to create new regulations that all producers must follow.
More than 19 million of the United States’ livestock crossed state lines in 2009 and this program will make it easier to trace brucellosis, tuberculosis and other diseases to livestock.
In the past, only 28 percent of America’s livestock could have been traced according to data from 2006 and 2007. This is because similar programs were voluntary and producers could not justify spending the money to take part in the program.
The USDA hopes the new program will provide regulations that are mandatory, but flexible so all producers can comply.
Throughout the country, the USDA is holding public meetings to discuss proposed regulations. The final draft will be completed by April 2011.
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