Texas Executive Confirms Changes

Juan Garcia was appointed the Texas State Executive for the Farm Service Agency in 2008 and is working to improve and manage programs stemming from the 2008 Farm Bill.
“I have made a few decisions on payment limitations and disputes and have about 20 to 25 pending. Some prefer to wait until a committee is seated before continuing the process,” he explained to reporters.
Many new changes for the upcoming year include:
1. Direct attribution for payment eligibility now requires a Social Security number. This is one of the larger changes because in the past both the company AND farmer could be considered for payments.
2. Each participant must have input into the operation and it must be documented and verifiable. Keep in mind stock holders of each company do not have to be equals and are not counted as input.
3. The Adjusted Gross Income restrictions have changed including the time frame for determination.
4. Those who have a farm income over $750,000 do not qualify for direct payments.
5. “Direct payments are set for the life of the farm legislation. Counter cyclical payments depend on markets. Peanuts and cotton are the only crops eligible for counter cyclical payments this year,” Garcia said.
Garcia is working to set up a committee to finalize other changes.
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