Technology Boosts Crop Yield

Focused application of farm technology and agricultural best practices may be the key to boosting crop yields and feeding an ever-growing global population, some agricultural consultants believe.

Recent United Nations’ reports suggest that, with a growing global population, farm production will need to double within the next forty to fifty years in order to prevent widespread hunger and famine.

The increasing need to expand crop yields, however, is a difficult goal to accomplish. The same experts who predict widespread famine have also insisted on the need for sustainable agricultural growth.

Some companies and farm consultants have taken these warnings to heart and are utilizing focused applications of farm technology to boost crop yields. Growers, LLC, a North Carolina based farm consulting company is one of several organizations that believes a focus on precision growing can drastically increase crop yields.

Growers, LLC exhaustively studies soil properties in local areas, and meticulously charts seeding rates, crop and pesticide interactions, and a host of other issues in order to maximize yield and allow farmers to expand production without massive systematic changes. This style of agriculture, they believe, can have a wide array of applications around the world and could be vital in combating global hunger.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer