"Take Our Jobs" Campaign Reaches out to Americans for Change

The United Farm Workers union launched the “Take Our Jobs” campaign to draw attention to the current fight over immigrants rights.
Many Americans feel that immigrants take jobs and benefits away from citizens, but the union argues that immigrants are needed to do the jobs no Americans want. “Farm workers do the work that most Americans are not willing to do,” union president Arturo Rodriguez told CNN News. According to Rodriguez 500,000 applicants are required to fill the jobs of current immigrants in the agriculture industry.
At takeourjobs.org American citizens can apply for guaranteed farm jobs across the country and since June 4,000 applicants have applied. Only a few dozen completed the application process. Those who apply often are no longer interested when they see the hours and physical labor these jobs require.
Across the United States there are one million farm workers, and of this 85 percent are immigrants. Rodriguez point out that if people who oppose immigration “got their wish and all the unauthorized people went home tomorrow, we would have a crisis. We wouldn’t have anyone to pick the crops, milk the cows or take care of the Christmas trees.”
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