Sustainable Agriculture Concerns Rising

Across the country farmers and communities are seriously considering agricultural reforms, particularly a pressing need to embrace sustainable farming to prepare for the future.
For the past several years, international organizations and scientists have reported that major farm reforms are needed globally. According to the United Nations, farm output will need to double within the next twenty years to feed a growing global population and prevent famine. In addition to necessary farm growth, many scientific organization have argued that farm production will need to embrace major changes, particularly in the face of global climate change, if there is to be any hope of increasing farm output over the next few decades.
The dire warnings appear to have hit home for many American farmers, particularly after a devastating drought that crippled production across the Midwest.
Across the country, state agencies are looking to reduce environmental impact as much as possible without sacrificing production, hoping that a transition to smaller-scale agriculture could help create a more sustainable future capable of withstanding fluctuating weather patterns.
In particular, many localities are hoping to encourage greater connections between local consumers and farmers, encouraging farmers markets and boosting local produce sales as a way to discourage focus on massive, drought-vulnerable cash crops like corn.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer