Storm Hits Colorado

A major winter storm is tearing through Colorado and heading to the Great Plains, shutting down transportation but offering drought hammered farmers desperately needed moisture.

For the last year, farmers across the country have been locked in the grip of the worst drought in recent memory. Over the summer, several locations reported the highest temperatures seen in recorded memory and communities across the country saw a sharp decrease in precipitation.

With reports suggesting that this drought may continue next summer, farmers across the country have been worried that this season could spell the end of their operations.

A major winter storm currently hitting Colorado and set to move through the Great Plains may be the answer to their prayers. While the heavy snowfall may bring traffic to a standstill, it offers the chance to refill drained reservoirs during the spring thaw, offering struggling farmers a much needed break from the severe drought conditions.

While the low temperatures and the heavy snowfall may be bad news to some plains ranchers, the increased moisture remains a godsend to many farmers in the region.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer