Spring Weather Offers Mixed Results

Farmers across the country are encountering unusual spring weather, with some farmers benefitting from early planting seasons, and with other still struggling with the ramifications of a warm, dry winter.

While farmers are used to dealing with fickle weather patterns, the last several years have been particularly difficult to adjust to. Last spring saw intense flooding, crippling droughts, and devastating tornadoes striking across the country. While this year’s weather has been less violent, it has been equally unusual. The winter weather has been relatively mild in many parts of the country, with few deep freezes. In addition, the spring has been unusually hot and dry.

This weather has been beneficial for some farmers. Corn growers in the Midwest, for example, have found that the warm winter and spring weather has allowed the planting season to begin early. Many farmers hope that the weather will allow them to plant and harvest more crops this season.

Fruit farmers, however, are finding this weather difficult to adjust to. The mild winter has led many plants to bloom earlier than usual. The early blooming, combined with a string of sudden cold snaps, has led to extensive damage of many delicate crops. Pennsylvania farm officials, for example, estimate that about half of the state’s peach crop is in fair or poor condition.

While this unusual weather may have appeared unexpectedly, some farmers may find themselves facing it routinely. Many scientists claim that the changing weather is part of global climate change, and that the usual weather may be permanent.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer