Spas are a new Market for Producers Across the Country

Courtesy of Prescriptive Music
Ojai Valley Inn courtesy of Prescriptive Music

First Farm-to-table, then farm-to-school, but now- farm-to-spa?
Spas across the country are offering visitors treatments stemming from fruits, vegetables and products grown at local farms.
The Ojai Valley Inn in Ojai (CA) integrates fruits and herbs into skin and massage therapies for their guests.
Guest Julia Pizzinat told the Associated Press, “When they put this stuff on, I can smell fresh juice. It’s not like something that’s been made in Milwaukee and sent out in crates.” These treatments don’t come cheap- a 50-minute Pixie Tangerine and Pomegranate Scrub will cost you $145 at the Ojai Valley Inn.
In the past few years the demand has changed from exotic treatments to those produce with local items. Fingers point at the local food movement that started at restaurants and is branching off to other industries.
The only problem with these treatments is they may not be available year-round, it all depends on what commodities are available.
Mark Wuttke, a spa owner in Atlanta, point out, “Thre are seasonal variations. I can offer it today, but if you come back in six months’ time, you might not be able to have it because it’s not longer available.”
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