South Korea Leads U.S. Meat Exports

As of late July, South Korea is the largest growth market for U.S. beef exports. Prior to last week’s reports, Japan and Egypt were the largest U.S. beef markets.
Joel Haggard of the U.S. Meat Export Federation’s Asia Pacific region said the increase is due to a multi-media imaging campaign that began with focus group interviews with Korean consumers.
“A couple of points that came out after talking after talking to a number of consumers and a number of focus groups; we need to abolish the negative image of BSE and the factory farm, we need to show the U.S. industry commitment preferably from the producer,” Haggard told Brownfield AG News.
According to Haggard, the consumers positively responded to the message. “There was receptivity by consumers to a message which was incorporating something like someone like me,” said Haggard. “I’m in the United States. I’m a producer. But, I’m kind of like you. I have a family. I have kids. I care about the safety of the food I eat. These were some of the touch points.”
Haggard said the confidence is back with U.S. beef and more consumer are ready to purchase U.S. products. The campaign is aiming to allow consumers to taste different products and refamiliarize themselves with the product.
Haggard says Korean consumers are more confident in U.S. beef—and much more ready to buy.
May exports in 2010 were three times as large as last year.
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