Small Farms Seek Government Assistance

Washington farmers are reaching out to the government as many small farmers are having difficulty obtaining farm loans.
Small farmers feel that it’s harder to get private loans due to strict and new regulations from a number of national banks. It appears that larger operations, including warehouses and processors, have an easier time getting loans while small farmers are left hanging for funding.
Adolfo Alvarez, a Grandview, Washington farmer, feels the government should step up and help out smaller establishments. “Little towns can have three or four million (dollars to fix the streets and freeways, but farmers can have nothing. Congress should put attention in farming and they are not doing it,” he told Seattle PI.
According to Joe Cervantes of the Washington State Mexican Fruit Growers Coalition, the lack of funding affects Latino farmers most. The number of Latino farmers in the state have quickly inclined over the years. The U.S. Agriculture Census reported that Latino farmers rose by 14 percent in from 2002-2007.
Farmers and officials believe without help many farmers will close their businesses in the next few years.
At a national forum discussing the problems some bankers defended the action blaming federal regulations and points the farmers to the Federal Farm Bureau. The Farm Bureau offers low-rate farm loans for those denied for loans through banks for up to $1.1 million.
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