Severe Drought Continues in Texas

In a situation that seems to mirror the rest of the country, severe weather in Texas could hinder crop planting and harvesting and could drive many farmers out of business. A massive drought, which has lasted for several weeks, continues to ravage Texas. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, virtually the entire state is experiencing some form of drought, most of it classified as severe or extreme, the two highest categories of the Drought Monitor. May is typically the wettest month in Texas, yet very little rain has fallen and it seems increasingly likely that Texas farmers will not get relief anytime soon.

The severity of the drought looks like it will have a serious impact on Texas agricultural production. In a press release, the Texas Farm Bureau has stated, “Texas farmers and ranchers are in an extremely critical situation as we prepare for June and the hot summer months. Crops are shriveling in the field. Pastures are burning. Many farmers likely will have little or nothing to harvest. Some ranchers already are selling their herds.”

In response to the weather, many farmers have resigned themselves to the use of city water and irrigation systems that can still deliver needed water to crops. However, the costs of these systems are prohibitively expensive, and water costs for Texas farmers have already doubled. The drought, combined with the rain and flooding east of the Mississippi River, all points to the possibility of a major rise in food prices. If many agricultural states do not get relief from extreme weather, it seems likely that the food supply in the U.S. could drop, causing a spike in prices.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer