Senators Promise Immigration Bill Not Amnesty

After months of negotiations, it appears that the Senate is finally ready to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill. Despite a potential victory in the Senate, some legislatures and voters remain wary of reform.
For the past several months, a coalition of farmers and immigrant rights organizations have pressured Congress to pass a major overhaul of American immigration laws. After a spate of tough, punitive immigration laws were passed in several states over the past few years, some legislators believed that federal intervention was necessary to address problems at the border.
The proposed bill would reform work visa regulations (a major coup for struggling farmers) and would offer immigrants new paths to citizenship. Major supporter of the bill Marco Rubio (R- Florida) also promised that the legislation would not include amnesty for undocumented residents currently within the United States.
Despite these promises, some Senators remain on the fence. “I’m not convinced,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama. “I know Sen. Rubio’s heart is exactly right. And I really respect the work of the ‘Gang of Eight.’ But they have produced legislation … that will give amnesty now, legalize everyone that’s here effectively today and then there’s a promise of enforcement in the future.”
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer