Scholarships Available for Pennsylvania Students

The future of agriculture depends on youth entering the industry. There are a variety of advantages to the agriculture industry, including an abundance of scholarship awards. In York County Pennsylvania, agriculture students can apply for scholarships through the Robert R. Anderson Family Scholarships.
The program began in 1995 with a $1 million donation from Dr. Isabel Anderson, a Lower Chanceford Township resident. Since 1995 over 80 students have received an award through the program that is managed by the York County Community Foundation.
Anderson and family recognize the importance of agriculture and wish to shape the future through a yearly scholarship award.
College freshman are eligible to apply for the $1,500 scholarship (that may increase over time) if they wish to enter any field of the agriculture industry. This includes not only farmers, but agribusiness owners and large-animal veterinarians.
Interested high school seniors and undergraduate college students should contact the York County Community Foundation for more information.
For additional information on agriculture scholarships contact Farm Plus today at 866-929-5585.