Say Goodbye to the "Other White Meat"

Pork has been the “other white meat” since 1987, but big changes are being made in the agriculture marketing industry.
Consumers wanted an alternative to high fat meat, and pork was just this. Ceci Snyder, vice president-marketing for the Pork Board said the organization has found the slogan does not move pork off grocers’ shelves. Throughout the past 20 years pork sales have stayed level.
The well-known slogan may not have moved product, but it quickly made its way into American pop culture through bulletin boards, popular commercials and magazine advertisements.
The Pork Board is starting a new advertising campaign in winter or next spring, but no details are available. Snyder said the campaign aims to “break through the clutter of messages that consumers receive.”
Pork exports are increasing. The USDA reported that April had 7 percent increase in pork exports than April 2009, and the export level is at its highest since November 2008. According to the U.S. Meat Export Federation April pork/pork variety totaled 344.4 million pounds (worth $400.95 million).
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