Rally Against Livestock Tagging

Hundreds of farmers met last Tuesday to demand the government put an end to the federal government’s national livestock identification system.
“You guys don’t know what the heck you’re doing,” David Hannes, a farmer at Mountain Grove in Arkansas told USDA employees at a hall meeting.
The National Animal Identification System was put into use starting in 2004 to keep track of livestock disease during national outbreaks. In this system, animals are tagged and information about them are put in a database.
Officials believe the system will help the government to trace diseases.
The large town hall was held in Jeffereson City, Missouri and drew producers from Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Wisconsin.
Many farmers stood outside a hotel protesting those who were in favor of the idea. 55 people spoke at the actual meeting, but only one pork producer was in favor of the idea.
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