Protestors March Against Monsanto

Protestors in San Diego recently marched against agricultural giant Monsanto, arguing that the company poses a major threat to human health through the production of genetically modified organisms.
GMOs have become increasingly controversial in the last few years. A rash of major food-borne illness outbreaks, along with recent scandals related to food quality and meat production (reports on the widespread use of pink slime as a meat additive have been particularly troublesome to consumers), has pressured many Americans to pay more attention to food quality and demand more local and organic produce.
This increased concern for quality has led to a backlash over the increasing production of genetically modified food. In states like California, local initiatives have sought to mandate the labelling of foods using genetically modified organisms. While that initiative failed, activists remain concerned about the increasing influence of major companies like Monsanto on the US food supply.
In San Diego, protestors staged a major demonstration condemning Monsanto. In particular, many protestors expressed concern about the increasing use of genetically modified organisms in the food supply. “I just started learning more about it and the more I learned, I realized it’s a big problem,” said protester Tony Aiuppa.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer