Prince Charles Addresses Organic Farming

President Barack Obama met with Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, on Wednesday, discussing a wide range and British and American governmental policies. During the conversation, Prince Charles congratulated First lady Michelle Obama’s efforts to combat childhood obesity. Prince Charles praised the First lady’s efforts and commented on the success of American organic farming, noting that when even major corporations like Wal-Mart sell organic food, that the movement has made a major difference in American consumption patterns.

In addition to his conversation with President Obama, Prince Charles gave a speech at Georgetown University, praising American organic farming and pressing for increased attention to sustainable farming.  Prince Charles criticized the wasteful use of water in major factory-farm operations. In addition, he criticized the ongoing development of agricultural land, stating that the transformation of farmland into office space drives up prices and increases the pressures on agricultural structures.

Prince Charles has been active in promoting green energy, sustainable agriculture, and biodiversity in the United Kingdom. In his speech, he addressed the increasing need for agricultural production and the growing numbers of people worldwide living in hunger. Sustainable and long-lasting agricultural solutions are needed, the prince said, in both the United Kingdom and the United States to help address global hunger.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer