Ozarks Technical College Partners with College of Ozarks

Anyone who has transferred colleges knows what a headache it can be getting together transcripts and making sure credits transfer from school to school. The Ozarks Technical College (OTC) partnered with the College of the Ozarks (C of O) to assure students can transfer into agriculture programs with ease.
Students who complete an Associate of Arts degree at OTC can transfer to C of O with all credits transferring over. As a result the only required general education classes a student must complete are Biblical Theology & Ethics and Biblical Study (as well as agriculture-related classes).
Students who are interested in transferring to C of O must apply for admission. There is no guarantee of acceptance, but students are highly encouraged to apply through the admissions office at C of O. Completing an Associates of Arts degree at OTC can save a student hundreds, if not thousands of dollars before pursuing a four-year degree at C of O.
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