Ohio Gets Sustainable Agriculture Funds

The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association recently announced that they are partnering with a group of investors who will make $500,000 available to help farmers overhaul their farms and embrace sustainable agricultural practices.

With global populations steadily on the rise, farmers across the world will need to significantly expand production in order to prevent worldwide food shortages. According to United Nations estimates, agricultural production will need to increase about 70 percent by 2050 in order to prevent massive famine.

In addition to demographic pressures, farmers are increasingly worried about global climate change. The recent summer drought in the United States as well as the sudden appearance of Hurricane Sandy off the Atlantic seaboard has convinced farm officials and scientists that climate change may soon become a permanent part of the American climatological landscape and that farmers will need to brainstorm ways to adapt to this new reality.

The OEFFA is committed to helping farmers meet the challenges of the future. Thanks to their recent partnership, the group is well positioned to help build the availability of locally grown fruits and vegetables, enhance agricultural ecological protection practices, and expand business viability.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer