Obama Lays Out Climate Change Program

President Barack Obama recently laid out a new climate change program designed to reduce US carbon emissions and protect farmers from the worst of the upcoming climatological changes.
Farmers nationwide have felt the effects of climate change in the US for some time. Last summer’s drought, for example, is but the latest in a string of unusual and extreme weather than some scientists have attributed to global warming. While the truth behind climate change has been debated in some circles, the damage felt by farmer in the wake of extreme weather is all too real.
In a recent speech delivered at Georgetown University, Obama laid out a plan designed to deal with both global climate change and protect farmers from new weather patterns.
His plan included setting up seven regional climate centers that would give advice and aid to farmers struggling with new climate patterns. In addition, the plan would direct the US Department of Agriculture to work with the Departments of Energy, Labor, Transportation, and the Environmental Protection Agency to help control methane and carbon emissions.
The plan would also set aside up to $8 billion for loans helping farmers transition to more green energy, establish new energy efficiency goals, and improve federal infrastructure to better prepare for new severe weather patterns.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer