NRCS Accepting Proposals to Conserve Land

The United States Department of Agriculture is calling out to farmers looking for funding for conservation practices.
The USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) is looking for proposals of projects that improve water quality, air quality or energy conservation. Over $25 million is available to producers looking to protect land and resources for the future.
Farmers, ranchers and individuals can apply for conservation funds in their home state.
The CIG is also looking for farmers who address the importance of technology in agriculture. Proposals should demonstrate projects with innovated techniques that not only assist with agriculture but also conserve land.
The funds are awarded through a nationwide competition with each state selecting the best proposals. From here a region wide leader will make the decision on the best proposal and money will be distributed. The money is only available for single or multi-year projects that do not exceed three years.
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Written by: Melissa Warner / Farm Plus Staff Writer