New Measures for Humane Treatment

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Inspection serviced announced new measures to ensure the humane treatment and slaughter of cattle in FSIS-inspected facilities according to a news release. The USDA has been working to address said issues by training employees with clearer guidance on existing rules and practices.
However, new procedures will also go into affect.
Non-ambulatory, mature cattle must be promptly euthanized for a humanly treatment regardless why they are non-ambulatory. Producers must also respond to comments from the Humane Society of the United States and Farm Sanctuary.
The USDA also plans to appoint an Ombudsman to the Office of Food Safety to handle all humane treatments.
All of these procedures falls under the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. This act is designed to prevent the suffering of animals. Animal treatment is a serious issue that raises much concern across the country starting with laws such as Prop. 2 on many ballots across the country. Consumers are voicing the dislike for inhumane treatment and the FSIS will use this act to address concerns and work to improve conditions.
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Written by: Melissa Warner, Farm Plus Staff Writer